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Описание :

We are creating a mobile Augmented Reality game with a unique blend of mechanics. We have a rich feature set and story in mind and need a Game Producer, who can develop a product roadmap and work on creating an outstanding product at each phase of the roadmap.

As a Game Producer in our team, you will:

  • Design game rules
  • Design weapons, ships, and other devices that players can use
  • Design enemies and enemy encounters
  • Design different ways the game may be played, game loop, and monetization
  • Design setting, characters, story, and its development or help the creative writer design it
  • Draw up concept documents
  • Create playable prototypes with the artists and developers
  • Make sure the rest of the team is aligned and understands the concepts and details of the game
  • Make adjustments to original specifications to reflect technical constraints or new artistic developments from the team
  • Train testers to play the game
  • Plan product roadmap


  • 5+ years in IT, 3+ years in Game Design
  • Avid gamer, interested in gaming industry
  • Quick learner, follows or participates in game designer community
  • One or more games delivered to market
  • Excellent communicator
  • Fluent with documentation tools
  • Advanced English skills
  • Artistic and technological ability is a plus

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