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N-iX Game Development Studio is a subdivision of N-iX, a leading software development company in Ukraine. We develop games for various clients, including AA game projects and innovative commercial solutions in VR/AR.
  • 2+ years of experience in developing Unity3D
  • Good knowledge of C#
  • Knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures
  • Experience in iOS and Android games development
  • Understanding of design patterns, OOP, SOLID
  • Experience with multi-threading
  • Experience with server interaction and multiplayer
  • Integration native plugins (Firebase, Google Play, Facebook…)
  • Good math skills

Как подать заявку :

  1. https://www.n-ix.com/jobs/apply_form/11647425/

    2.  Написати на [email protected]
    3.  Написати у Skype: Mary_Ole1

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